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MMONinja Aion Glider for NcSoft’s Aion

Posted on 17 May 2012 by nohax

Quick Info
MMONinja offers tools/bots/hacks for various games, including Aion. The Aion MMONinja package includes a grinding/gathering bot, a ingame radar overlay and a collection of hacks that includes gravity hack (without casting), glide hack, wall hack and some other hacks.

This is the most expensive bot for Aion, it costs EUR 15 every 30 days
Detection status
It is currently undetected.
Player Self Defense Options
The bot looks like a real player most of the time. The thing you should look for is slow looting - the bot waits a little before it loots, then loots and usually waits some more and missed loots, especially when the bot kills multiple mobs. The gathering module has a bug where it farms nodes that the player is too low level for and retries this several times.

As for the hacks, watch out of the usual things. A player that looks like he's falling to the floor und bouncing up in the air? The user used gravity hack. The user glides upwards without a wind stream? Glide hack!

Report the user showing this behaviour and the user has a good chance to get a ban. Don't expect any fast reactions though. In both NcSoft and GameForge servers it can take several months before actions are being taken.
External information sources
You can watch a few videos about the bot's behaviour and setup on the sellers site: Aion Glider Website.
Video(s) of the cheat/hack/bot in action:

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