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AionAutoCraft – a free crafting bot for NcSoft’s Aion

Posted on 16 May 2012 by nohax

Quick Info
AionAutoCraft increase the characters crafting level by automating work tasks.

Free download, no subscriptions.
Detection status
It is currently undetected.
Player Self Defense Options
There’s no crafting bot for Aion that randomizes the movements. Just look where the players move. Usually they keep switching in between the same 2 or 3 points and always stand on the same place. Report the user showing this behaviour and the user has a good chance to get a ban. Don’t expect any fast reactions though. In both NcSoft and GameForge servers it can take several months before actions are being taken.
External information sources
You can read help files and watch a few videos about the bot's behaviour and setup on the creators site: AionAutoCraft - Free Crafting Bot Website.
Video(s) of the cheat/hack/bot in action:

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