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Aion Script Bot/Tools for NcSoft’s Aion

Posted on 16 May 2012 by nohax

Quick Info
This is a full fledged .NET based scripting environment that allows cheaters to create their own Aion bots/hacks/extensions/scripts. That means grinding, gathering, flying, using hacks, etc - everything is possible. Read the detailed analysis below for more informations.

[TL;DR] Aion Script is an "All In One" Tool that allows you do about everything you can possibly do cheatingwise.

EUR 1,00 for 1 day
EUR 6,00 for 1 month
EUR 16 for 3 months
Detection status
It is currently undetected.

As mentioned before this is a scripting environment. That means if someone plans to use it past the scripts that users posted on the forum or the scripts that the developers/admins of AionScript included with the main program they will need technical knowledege. The main languages used for AionScript are LUA and C#. Configuration of AionScript is usually done with text files or straight code editing.

The included scripts allow the users to:

  • Bot most classes (not all scripts are really usable without some changes)
  • Gather
  • Aether Gather
  • Auto assist (dps+heals)
  • Automate work tasks to increase the crafting level
  • All major hacks including wall hack, gravity hack, glide hack. Allows to cast while gravity hack is on.
Other scripts provided on the AionScripts forum further allow the user to:
  • Select the user with the highest Abyss rank in range
  • Hand in AP items
  • Count AP items in inventory
  • Give alarms
  • etc
The possiblities of this tool are virtually unlimited, as long as the user has the technical knowledge.

Player Self Defense Options
There’s not really a way. The basic scripts included have some weird behaviours that you can use for manual detection. For example the sorc pve script has a bug where it changes the path direction after every killed mob, leading to the bot running forth and back all the time. Another bug is that the path finding doesn’t have a stuck detection. Thus if the bot runs into something, it runs into this something forever. But since all scripts can be modified by the user and most users seem to do that, there’s no general way. Look for suspicious behaviours and report the users over the NcSoft ticket system. Do NOT use the ingame reporting, since there is not a single case of this way of reporting being successfull. Expect no fast reactions, both NcSoft as well as GameForge are knows for their slow reactions that can take months.
External information sources
You can read help files and watch a few videos about the bot's behaviour and setup on the creators site: Aion Script.
Video(s) of the cheat/hack/bot in action:

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